“It is encouraging to find a young woman who is not only a beautiful demonstration of an organized woman, but who can share her wisdom in a delightful and interesting way.”

Dr. Charles F. Stanley
First Baptist Church
Atlanta, GA

“Lane Jordan is a lady who truly walks her talk, and her transparent heart is evident in this book.  She provides consistent, practical information in each chapter.  Her material is a balance of Lane’s person journey as a single mom, testimonies from other moms, and research-based materical with invaluable websites.  As and author, speaker for moms and women’s groups around the country, and educator for 35 years, I find this book to be and excellent resource for moms of all ages.”

Jody Capehart, Head of School at Legacy Christian Academy, Frisco, TX, and author of Teaching With Heart, an ECPA Christian Book Award finalist

“I am delighted to recommend Lane’s book for moms.  ‘Velcro Moms’ find themselves pulled in every direction, but Lane offers tips and suggestions for helping moms stay on track in their day-to-day challenges.”

Dr. Kevin Leman, author of Making Children Mind without Loosing Yours

“I have been wanting to sit down and write you a letter for awhile. I want to thank you for writing your book – it has been such a big help to me. I have purchased many books to help me get organized. I then came across your book. It has brought so much freedom to me. God has used your book to help me change. I realized the other day that it’s been 6 months since I read your book. I have evaluated my life and I’ve changed so much in 6 months. Before reading your book, I thought I had to be Super Woman, which left me feeling helpless and miserable. Then I read the part where you encouraged to hire help. I found a wonderful lady to help me once a week. My home has those days where it’s chaos, but it’s not every day, like it was. With 4 children under 9 and a husband, I
think a couple of days of chaos once in awhile is not too bad. I’m happy now. I prasie the Lord for your book.”

S. B.

“Lane was a blessing, thank you so much!”
“Very good speaker and singer”
“Beautiful testimony! God bless you!”
“I appreciate your witness!”
“What a message!”
“It also helps us to have a good sense of
humor – while being a Christian! I
enjoyed your program and lovely voice.”
“Outstanding speaker – message very moving-
music lovely.”
“Marvelous – everything – particularly Lane’s
“A beautiful lady with a beautiful testimony.
Thank you, Lane.”

“It is so amazing how this topic draws at the heart of women. One of the things of which I am convinced, is that God wants to use women to minister to others, and do mighty things for His Kingdom, but often our disorganization and resulting stress, keeps us from being fully used. One woman purchased your book for my small group Bible sutdy and attended one meeting (that I lead in my home). She said it so drastically changed her life that she feels like she has her “home” back and could reach out to a single mother in need of child care. That is so awesome to see how God is using you.”

“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your book on becoming an organized woman. It made me take an entirely different, more positive look on cleaning and taking care of a household.So thanks and God bless!”
B. Spokane, WA

“Hi Lane, Just wanted to write a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed your speaking last night and how you touched my heart. I listened to your CD this morning on my way to work. It is so touching – I was just raising my hands to worship the Lord!…” CCM

“Dear Lane, You don’t know how much you are blessing me. I took your advice to have a regular place and time for the Lord. I would have never thought about making a special place for myself with all my books and things together now in one place. I really love this idea! It feels so good having a regular time with the Lord again. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

“Lane, What a masterful job you did! And what a tribute to our Master it was! Thank you for all the extra time and energy you put into the presentation. You are truly a delightful, Spirit-filled woman whose love for the Lord shines through.” JM

“Hello Lane, Your book, “12 Steps to Becoming a More Organized Woman” is a masterpiece. I love it! OCO – Nigeria

“Lane, I checked your book (To Becoming a More Organized Woman) out at our public library. …Well after first reading the last chapter, I had to go to the very beginning. That first chapter had me in tears because I am a woman who always wanted things my way. Never wanted to listen to my husband. So now I want to share this book with other women, married or single. Your book is very powerful and I want now to have a copy of my own!” DS

“God bless you sister Lane! My name is…. And I want to extend a wholehearted thank you and a great ‘God Bless You’ for writing 12 Steps to Becoming a More Organized Woman”! It has honestly changed my life! I am a full time mother of a 1 year old. Sister Lane…I know this may sound weird, but I was never taught how to keep a house. However, your book has helped me in so many ways. I have started organizing my home, one room at a time and I do the 5 to 10 minute little quick cleans. The results are phenomenal! My husband is overjoyed! I am more at peace about having a clean home and am very excited about everything!” PS

“Thank you so much for speaking at our Mothers of Multiple’s meeting. I am typically an organized person and could not figure out for the life of me why I felt so “behind the 8 ball” since my twins were born. But you reminded me about the “command post”. It has been such a blessing for me to feel organized again! Thank you so much!” TS